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Amnesty campaign exempts violators from deportee database

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Author: Arab NewsTue, 2017-03-28 04:22ID: 1490653552151377100JEDDAH: The “A Nation without a Violator” campaign launched by Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naif aims to help illegal residents leave the country on their own and remain exempt from fines and the “deportee” fingerprint system, said Maj. Gen. Dhaifullah bin Sattam Al-Huwaifi, the deputy director general of the Passports Department.The campaign focuses on tracking infiltrators of residence, work and border security systems.Al-Huwaifi said beneficiaries of the 90-day grace period are over-stayers, who came to the Kingdom for a Haj or Umrah visit or transit and residents with expired iqamas before the date of the announcement of the grace period starting on Wednesday. The amnesty period is also granted to pilgrims without Haj permits; workers with a work permit but no iqama ID before the date of announcing the grace period; and infiltrators into the Kingdom’s territory.It also includes runaway workers who have a regular residence permit and no escape notice and who want to take advantage of the grace period but do not know the employer.Al-Huwaifi said that those who initiate the departure on their own will be exempted from the effects of the deportee fingerprint system and fines for violating the regulations of residence, work and border security.“To take advantage of the campaign, the violating expatriate must leave the country before the deadline and the violation should be committed before the date of the announcement of the beginning of this grace period on March 29,” Al-Huwaifi said.Those who had visas (Haj, Umrah, transit and visit) should go directly to the official departure points after booking on carriers with valid tickets to complete their travel procedures at the official ports, Al-Huwaifi said.“The rest of the violators must review the expatriates’ administrations after obtaining an advance electronic appointment through the ‘Absher’ electronic portal to facilitate and accelerate finishing their procedures.”After the 90-day grace period ends, all records of violators who benefited from exemptions during the period, but did not leave the country will be suspended and they will be subject to punishment.
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