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An acid attack turned her blind, now Elizabeth the monkey needs your help to survive

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As we humans continue to expand our cities and cut down forests, many animals are displaced from their natural habitats and they stray into our cities resulting in many animal-human conflicts.
Often these conflicts pose danger to humans, and are a risk to the animals themselves.
In one such incident, a Bonnet Macaque (a species of the monkey family), christened Elizabeth was blinded after a shopkeeper in Bengaluru threw acid on her face after as she stole some fruits.
“Elizabeth lost her eyesight, and with that, a part of her died. As an experiment, we introduced her to a young orphan. The maternal instinct worked like a charm. Today, you can’t tell she is a blind macaque, especially when you see her be a mother to the young ones who need nurturing,” a spokesperson for People for Animals, an NGO-working for animal rights and their welfare.
Like Elizabeth there are several other members of the monkey species who are taken care by the animal rights body.
While some are injured, others have lost their parents. In order to rehabilitate 35 such Macaques, PFA has launched a crowdfunding campaign to seek support in their attempt using the Milaap platform.

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