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Andhra techie sends WhatsApp message about suicide, goes missing

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The police have been conducting a search operation for the IT professional and a missing case has been registered.
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A 25-year-old software engineer from Vijayawada has gone missing since Saturday night, after sending a WhatsApp message to his brother saying that he will be ending his life by jumping into the Krishna river.
Govind Nagasai had been working in Hyderabad, however, one month ago, he moved back to his native place Vijayawada.
“Around 8 in the evening, I got a message from Govind through WhatsApp where he sent me a map location saying he is jumping into Krishna river from Prakasam Barrage and I must collect his body from there. He also asked me to collect his bike from Durga Ghat in the city,” said Santosh Kumar, brother of Nagasai.
A worried Santosh immediately called the police on Saturday night.
“We did not find any body, however, we found Nagasai’s bike in Durga Ghat. He has been missing and is not responding to calls,” One-Town Inspector of Police Viswanath told The News Minute.
The police have been conducting a search operation for the IT professional and a missing case has been registered.
“I don’t know whether he was depressed about anything, or something else happened. We have been searching for him and I have been texting him saying whatever happens just come back. He has a family, we can solve whatever problems he is facing. I don’t even know whether he was in a relationship. We are confused what made him do this,” said Santosh.
Nagasai had visited Tirupati recently with his relatives. He came back on April 6 and seemed fine, said his brother.
He also said that two months ago, he had complained about the work pressure in his company.
“He also sent messages like, ‘Now I have fulfilled all the responsibilities towards my family. Now I don’t want to live’. We are worried about him and can just hope that he is still alive,” Santosh added.
Police found that Nagasai’s Facebook account has been active, with messages being sent from it on Sunday.
“His mobile phone is on roaming, while his Facebook account is active. We hope to find him before he takes any extreme step. We are still investigating the case,” said the Inspector.
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