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Andhra's Vizianagaram district builds over 10,000 toilets in a record 100 hours

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Hygiene The administration now plans to make the entire district Open Defecation Free (ODF). TNM StaffVizianagaram_Toilets_750x500.jpgAndhra’s Vizianagaram district administration has much to be proud of, as it constructed more than 10,000 household toilets in a record time of 100 hours.

The construction drive, spanning 71 villages, managed to build 10,449 toilets in total. 

The Times of India reported that the district administration used the services of 20,000 masons and labourers, and 3,000 employees, who worked round the clock.

Earlier, the administration had supplied material like bricks, sand, cement, rings, sanitary ware, pre-fabricated roofs and doors.

Speaking to the media, the collector said, “The program has been undertaken successfully. It has provided a big boost to the locals, who have also come forward to help. Many officials have worked hard to ensure this.”

He went on to add, “We will continue this program, and make sure that all the villages in the district are declared Open Defecation Free (ODF). A vigilance committee will be formed with the help of women and youngsters, to ensure that people use the toilets.”

Most of the toilets use the “twinpit technology” that converts human waste into useful manure within a short period of time, helping to eliminate open defecation

The twin-pit system, like the name suggests, consists of two holes that are dug up and cemented, and are gradually filled with faecal matter as time passes. 

Once the first pit is full, the villagers will began using the second pit, while the first pit rests. The advantage of two pits, is that the first pit is emptied only when the second pit is full.

This gives the faecal matter in the first pit time to decompose and turn into manure. This makes it more hygienic than a one-pit system.

“We now plan to build 20,000 more toilets. Our goal is to make sure that the entire district Viziangaram is ODF free,” the collector added. 

Officials from the Limca Book of Records also observed the feat, and are certifying if the event was a record.
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