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Arab Parliament Calls on International Community to Help Somali People

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Cairo, March 25 (QNA) – Speaker of the Arab Parliament Dr. Mishaal bin Fahm Al Salami called on the international community, the United Nations organizations, the relief and humanitarian organizations and all countries of the world to take an urgent action to provide the necessary assistance to the Somali people and to respond to the appeal made by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to combat the famine that is threatening the lives of the Somali people.

In a statement on Saturday, the Arab Parliament Speaker urged relief and humanitarian organizations to intensify efforts and raise the level of emergency relief so as not to exacerbate the current humanitarian situation and to avoid a state of severe famine. He warned that delaying the necessary relief aid will exacerbate the tragic situation and increase the number of deaths due to the lack of food and necessary medical supplies.
The statement stressed the necessity to quickly respond to the appeal of the Somali President who seeks to establish the authority of the state and build its institutions to serve the Somali people and defeat the “terrorist” groups that are using the tragedies of the Somali people to serve their destructive purposes. (QNA)

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