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Asir governor to inaugurate Bisha projects worth more than SR2bn

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Author: Arab NewsTue, 2017-03-14ID: 1489445931498817300ABHA: Asir Gov. Prince Faisal bin Khalid on Wednesday will inaugurate developmental projects in Bisha Province. The projects are worth more than SR2 billion. Bisha Mayor Mohammad bin Saeed bin Sabra said the Asir governor will be briefed during his inspection tour on the first strategic plan for the University of Bisha, and will launch projects worth more than SR353 million. Projects include an academic complex; five more in the university city of Bisha; three projects for university branches in the governorates; and the launch of seven additional projects in the education sector at a cost of more than SR78 million. The governor will also open municipal projects. He will lay the foundation stone for future projects in the municipalities of Bisha, Al-Hazmi, Samakh, Al-Nuqaie, Al-Thouniya and Tabala. The projects are valued at more than SR575 million. The plans include the construction of municipal buildings, parks, markets, slaughterhouses, service buildings, plant nurseries, playgrounds, asphalting and lighting roads. Plans include projects to improve and beautify city entrances, and infrastructure to ward off the threat of seasonal floods. “Prince Faisal bin Khalid during his inspection tour will inaugurate a water purification plant at Tabala Dam at a cost of SR118 million, and will lay the foundation stone for a new project to build dams in Tabala, Herjab, Qaoubaa and Miskah, in addition to inspecting of other projects at a cost of SR185 million,” said the mayor.The Asir governor will inaugurate road and transport projects worth more than SR205 million, including the construction of a building for the road and transport administration branch in Bisha; the linkage of vital roads between Bisha and the governorates of Khamis Mushait, Ranyah, Juaba and other centers.During the inspection tour, the prince will also inaugurate more than 10 health projects worth more than SR33 million, in addition to projects pertaining to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. He will also sponsor the signing of contracts for maintenance and cleaning of more than 75 mosques affiliated with the Department of Call and Guidance at a cost of SR6 million. He will also inaugurate the administration buildings of the department of prisons in Bisha.The Bisha mayor said Prince Faisal bin Khalid will also inaugurate and establish electricity projects at a cost of SR715 million, including the completion of projects for electricity connection; the expansion of the power station to the north of Bisha; the enhancement and improvement of the distribution networks; and the delivery of electricity to new subscribers.
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