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Bahrain hails US declaration of Al-Ashtar members as terrorists

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Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-03-19ID: 1489865515049352400
MANAMA: Bahrain has welcomed the decision by the US Department of State to designate individuals affiliated with Al-Ashtar Brigades as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT) under Executive Order 13224.
“This stance reflects the position of the friendly United States of America to combat terrorism in all its forms and to confront all those who commit or incite terrorist acts,” Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
“This designation is another sign of support to the efforts of the kingdom in achieving peace and security and an important step toward the eradication of all forms of terrorism in the region.”
The ministry said it was looking forward to a similar response “from our international partners.”
“In this regard, the ministry calls for the adoption of a holistic strategy that addresses the security, economic and ideological aspects of terrorism to eradicate its root causes and to drain its funding resources,” the statement said.
“The ministry affirms its confidence in the depth of the historical alliance with the US and its keenness on strengthening these strategic relations in all relevant areas.”
Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdullatif Al-Zayani welcomed the US decision, noting that it reflects the US administration’s supportive stance toward Bahrain’s efforts to combat terrorist organizations and terrorist acts aimed at undermining its security and stability.
The decision proves the US administration’s support to the Kingdom’s efforts to clamp down on terrorist organizations seeking to subvert its security and stability and terrorize citizens and residents through their heinous criminal acts, Al-Zayani said.
He lauded the successful efforts of the Bahraini government to expose the campaigns targeting it, stressing that the State Department’s statement reflects the resolve of the US administration to fight terrorist organizations, as well as its clear determination to reinforce security and stability in the region.
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