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‘Bareh’ helps productive Madinah families compete in local market

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Author: Yousuf MohammedTue, 2017-03-14ID: 1489445931418815800MADINAH: Artisan families earning income with their handicraft skills are now capable of competing with external competitors, according to the Productive Families Forum held recently.The forum, attended by representatives of the Bareh Program of the Tourism and National Heritage Authority, Madinah branch, and several of its partners, was held in the King Fahd Central Garden.During the forum, 6,000 visitors were registered. Also participating were 100 productive families, which are helped by the forum’s initiatives and programs in the region.The general-secretary of the Tourism and National Heritage Authority, Madinah branch, Khaled bin Hussein Al-Shehrani, said the National Program for the Development of Crafts and Handicrafts (Bareh) is getting support from the tourism authority and its partners.Traditional industries are a vital national heritage that plays an important role in raising the living standards of productive families, providing jobs, diversifying local economic development and helping the commercial and tourist movement in the region, said Al-Shehrani.He added that 363 skilled craftsmen are listed in the craftsmen registry of the Bareh program, with women forming 92 percent of the craft industry in the Madinah region. This includes carpet-making, crochet, embroidery, fashion heritage, Arabic calligraphy, painting, soap-making, engraving, pottery, and jewelry and accessory making.Al-Shehrani said that by obtaining the “Artisans Accredited Card,” productive families can practice their skills and market their products, in addition to taking part in festivals, activities, exhibitions and occasions related to the Bareh program.They could also obtain material support easier, market their products on special marketing days organized by the program and announced in a handicraft guide. They also have priority if they wish to participate in the Okaz Market Award for Skills Distinction, which is the biggest event that supports the national program.
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