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Britain could still be subject to EU rules and regulations after Brexit

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London, March 27 (QNA) – British officials said that the United Kingdom will still be subject to up to thousands of EU rules and regulations after it leaves the European Union, due to the difficulty of introducing new regulatory bodies within two years.

The officials added that the UK will remain under the remit of some EU agencies after Brexit because it will not have enough time to start up new agencies “from scratch,” according to the Daily Telegraph.Confederation of British Industry has suggested that the UK will need to set up domestic versions of as many as 34 EU regulatory agencies covering areas such as agriculture, energy, transport and communications. 
Meanwhile, Bernard Jenkin, a Eurosceptic Conservative MP and leading figure in the Leave campaign, has said that continued British involvement in EU institutions after Brexit will need to be “only as a temporary or transitional expedient”.

In its important to point out that the UK’s plans to quit European nuclear regulator Euratom has caused controversy, as Britain must seek new international agreements with the US and other countries to maintain its access to nuclear power technology. The British Prime Minister will trigger Article 50 and begin the formal process of leaving the European Union on Wednesday. (QNA) 

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