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Death due to negligence: Under-construction road leaves Warangal woman dead

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A 21-year-old college student was killed and two others were injured after an over-speeding two-wheeler fell into a culvert in Warangal district on Thursday evening. The road was dug up as it was under construction.
Police say the contractor did not put up a sign warning of the construction work, which led to the accident.
The deceased have been identified as Chandra Monika, who was returning home with her sister Sumalatha and classmate, Raju.
“Raju, who is a classmate of Monika, was under the influence of alcohol and went to pick up Monika and Sumalatha from college on his bike. While they were on Kakatiya University cross road, Raju was overspeeding on the wrong side of the one-way road and did not see the construction work,” said Inspector Satpath Rao.
Unaware that the road was under-construction, the trio fell into the culvert by the road.
“Monika died on spot while the other two were rushed to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Sumalatha has now been shifted to Hyderabad Gandhi Hospital for treatment. Both, Raju and Sumalatha are said to be in a critical condition,” said the Inspector.
A case has been registered against the contractor and Raju under section 304 (a) of IPC, causing death due to negligence.
The inspector added that they were waiting for Raju’s medical report to confirm that he was driving under the influence of alcohol. The police investigation continues.

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