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Dubai police intervene as elderly German tourist forgets where to fly

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Author: Arab NewsFri, 2017-03-17ID: 1489736720060869300DUBAI: An elderly German tourist attempted to travel home this week but upon reaching Dubai airport, he forgot where he was from. Colonel Dr. Mubarak Saeed Salim, director of the Tourist Police Department, said Thursday that the tourist’s family e-mailed the police in a bid to find their lost relative. “He came to Dubai with a tourist group and at the end of the last day, he was on a boat trip, after which he hailed a taxi near Port Rashid and asked to be taken to Dubai International Airport. When he reached the airport, however, he could not figure out where he was supposed to go and why he was in the airport,” Colonel Salim said.According to Gulf News, the tourist then hailed a taxi and asked the driver to drop him at any beach. The elderly man then sat on the beachfront trying to remember where he was supposed to go. “A police patrol spotted the man sitting on the beach looking lost and confused and an officer spoke with him. The tourist told the officer that he didn’t have a clue about what he wanted. The officer then took him to the Bur Dubai police station in order to resolve the problem,” Colonel Salim said in a statement. It was only after the man’s family e-mailed Dubai Police with an attached picture of the tourist that the officers could help the man return home. The family told police they had waited for the elderly tourist at an airport in Germany but he had not arrived, leading them to send the emergency e-mail.“[Since] his family couldn’t communicate with him, they decided to send us an e-mail with his photograph,” Colonel Salim said. “We helped the man to return to his country after identifying him in the picture,” the colonel concluded.
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