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Escorts cannot travel without the passport holder 

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Author: Arab News Tue, 2017-04-04 03:00ID: 1491258100773925600
JEDDAH: The Passports Department said that individuals included as escorts on one passport will not be able to travel without the passport’s holder.
The agency also said in a statement that it is not possible to add escorts in Saudi passports when issued or renewed.
Passports Department spokesman Col. Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saad said it is necessary to issue a passport for each individual as it is in the interest of the traveler. Problems can occur when several people hold one passport. If it is lost abroad, all family members will be delayed. Many countries do not issue visas unless each of the visa applicants has a passport of their own.
The department’s awareness campaigns are aimed at preserving citizens’ rights and easing travel procedures, calling on citizens intending to travel abroad to make sure of the validity of their passports and to know how much time there is left before it expires.
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