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Every time in a storm, Mallya blames it on Indian media

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[India], Apr 18 (ANI): ‘Dissatisfied’ with the Indian media over the coverage of his loan defaulting case, beleaguered liquor baron Vijay Mallya has time and again taken to Twitter to blast the latter.

In the most recent incident, he slammed a leading English news channel for reporting that he tried to dodge the British courts but has failed after it sent the British Police after him to arrest him. The channel also reported that India has made a very forceful case against Mallya which has led to verifiable action and that evidence exists against him.

He tweeted: “What absolute nonsense devoid of facts. Looks as if Times Now fabricate stories for sensationalism. Verify your facts first before broadcast”

Downplaying the din surrounding his sensational arrest in London, Mallya earlier in the day took a swing at the Indian media accusing them of ‘hyping’ the development.

“Usual Indian media hype. Extradition hearing in Court started today as expected,” he tweeted.

Earlier on March 28, he trained his guns on another English news channel saying, “Just received this book. And NDTV relentlessly slam me on all false allegations. Poetic justice.”

On February 23 upset with the media for only “blasting him” rather than lauding his team Force India’s entry into Formula 1 he said in a series of tweets, “Very proud to launch the 2017 Sahara Force India challenger.It is my job and duty as Team Principal.Very sad to see Indian media comments”

“Very unfortunate that Indian media do not share pride that an Indian entry into Formula 1 is so successful. Only focussed on blasting me.”

And not long before on January 26 this year, he complained about his media trail saying, “In our Country I assumed that innocence prevails till proven guilty. Media have convicted me guilty without trial with widespread influence.”

“Till this minute there is no final judicial determination on what KFA owes to Banks and what I may owe in my personal capacity after trial.”

“Yet it is reported that I have fled or run away owing money to Banks that I never ever borrowed in the first place.”(ANI)

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