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Former Congress MP Hanumantha Rao carried away by police, day after humiliating cop on duty

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‪Inspector Sudhakar, on Friday has also given a written complaint after the incident.
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At a time when legislators and politicians are being told that you can’t misuse privileges, Congress MP Hanumantha Rao’s blatant high-handedness was on display when he abused a police officer at the Telangana Assembly on Friday.
In the video played by Telugu TV channels which went viral, a visibly agitated Rao can be seen yelling, “What are you guys thinking? You think you are a dictator? Who are you to stop us, and not let us talk? I will show you.”
The Congress leader was carried away and detained by Hyderabad Police on Saturday for protesting over an FIR lodged against him in connection with the incident.
“We received a written complaint from Inspector P Sudhakar on Friday. A case was registered against Rao in Saifabad Police Station on Friday under Sections 353, 294-B and 504 of the Indian Penal code (IPC) for shouting at a Telangana police officer,” D D. Joel Davis central zone told The News Minute.
“We were given directions by the chief marshal that the former legislators will not be allowed to enter the media point. When I noticed former MP V Hanumanth Rao coming towards the media point, I respectfully saluted and informed him that former legislators are not allowed here,” said Inspector P Sudhakar of Kamatipura police station.
‪However Rao started yelling at the inspector.
He said, “What are you guys thinking? You think you are a dictator? Who are you to stop us, and not let us talk? I will show you.”
“Tell your Chief Minister, I will come and sit in front of his house. Maybe he doesn’t know about me. What is this behaviour? Yesterday they closed down Dharna Chowk at Indira Park, and now they are not letting me talk to the media here. Stop me again, and I will show him (KCR),” Rao added.
Following the incident, the inspector had also written about his experience on Facebook reportedly saying, “I am police officer I feel very bad…Today I received comments of Hanumantu… He abused me because I am SC. I shortly going to resign from my job. He abused me using vulgar language and our people also taking it easy (sic).”
However, later the post was deleted from the page.
‪Inspector Sudhakar, on Friday has also given a written complaint and had planned to resign after the incident.
“I am not a young police officer who just joined I have been working for past 30 years. This kind of behavior was shocking and I was very upset about it. I was just doing my duty, but he dstarted abusing me. I have worked for public day and night. This incident was very humiliating,” said the Inspector.
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