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Gayatri thanks PM Modi for acknowledging problem, urges govt. to take prompt action

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[India], Mar. 26 (ANI): Thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for addressing the problem raised by Gayatri in her phone message, the class 11 student said it was the fault of both people and the government for this ever-increasing problem of garbage.

Gayatri recorded an audio clip of her and sent it on the number mentioned to the Prime Minister’s radio address ‘Mann ki Baat’.

“The audio was played in today’s programme and Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to it. He said that Gayatri, has a lot of anger in her towards this pollution, and every citizen should have the same anger towards pollution, then only can the nation achieve cleanliness,” Gayatri told ANI.

Gayatri further said that it is the fault of both people and government.

“The people throw garbage here and there because there is no proper arrangement for disposing garbage. Till the time somebody initiates, how will the development take place in the region? I felt good that my voice reached him and he acknowledged it. He felt good that the citizens are becoming conscious about cleanliness in the country,” she added.

Gayatri urged the people not to dispose garbage and work towards achieving cleanliness.

In his 30th ‘Mann ki Baat’ address, Prime Minister Modi took the people’s attention towards cleanliness while quoting the message sent by Gayatri.

Appreciating Gayatri’s effort, the Prime Minister said her message should be an inspiration for all.

Gayatri, in an audio-clip, gave a hard-hitting message of how people are destroying the environment around themselves. (ANI)

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