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Ghanaian football player mistakenly thanks wife and girlfriend on live TV

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Author: Arab NewsMon, 2017-03-20ID: 1489992981342859200DUBAI: Ghanaian football player Mohammed Anas was left red-faced this week after expressing thanks to both his wife and girlfriend in a now viral video. Anas, who plays for South Africa’s Free State Stars, was responding to being named “man of the match” when he made the mistake during a post-game interview on Friday.“Firstly, I appreciate my fans,” Mohammed Anas began, “and my wife and my girlfriend.”He quickly backtracked while laughing nervously.“I mean my wife, sorry for saying, I’m so sorry, my wife,” he said. “I love you so much. I love you so much from my heart.”The 22-year-old scored twice during the match but his post-match gaffe stole the headlines and led to a flurry of tongue-in-cheek posts on Twitter. “Two goals, two girls. Mohammed Anas,” one user proclaimed with a laughing face emoji.“Good morning to Mohammed Anas, we hope you are still alive,” another joked. “I can’t stop laughing Mohammed Anas is a legend, maybe it was indeed a honest mistake,” another Twitter user posted.
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