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Hero 11-year-old rescues brother and sister trapped in building's lift

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AJMAN // An 11-year-old boy proved that heroes come in all sizes when he rescued two children from a stuck lift. Abdallah Mohammed Abu Zahra used his wits to help a trapped brother and sister by taking a screwdriver and using it to prise open the door of the lift at his residential building. The boy’s head had become stuck in the lift door and Abdallah heard the screams from his home. “It was 8pm and I was going to bed to sleep. Suddenly, I heard the screams of kids. In the beginning I thought it was kids playing but a few seconds later the screams got louder,” said the Grade 5 pupil, who was at home with his deaf mother on February 21 when the incident occurred. “I ran towards the corridor and found a boy and his sister, who I assume are younger than me, trapped in the elevator. When I saw the head of the boy stuck in the lift’s door, I ran again to my apartment and brought a screwdriver and opened the door.” He decided on his own that time was of the essence so he took action before calling civil defence, to avoid any harm coming to the children while waiting for the rescue team. “After the two children were rescued, I went to the janitor to tell him to repair the lift’s door but he was sleeping, so I called civil defence asking them also to fix the door because it was broken, but they told me to call the building’s manager, and I did,” Abdallah said. The Jordanian boy, who wants to be a policeman or fireman when he grows up, was honoured at his school by Ajman Civil Defence for his bravery and humanity.”I am very happy with this honour, which could be a motivation for my classmates and other kids to be helpful to people who need a hand,” he said. “Also, it might be my first step towards achieving my dream in working in the future in civil defence or police to help save people’s lives and provide safety for the community.” Abdallah’s father, Mohammed Abu Zahra, was shocked to find out what his son had been up to at their Al Nuaimiyah home while he was at work. “I am so proud of him because he is a kid and he rescued the two children while none of the other five apartments in the same floor came out to check.”Now I know that my son is a man and I can depend on him. He is the gift of God to me,” he said.

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