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IISJAA celebrates reunion

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Author: ARAB NEWSThu, 2017-03-16ID: 1489605821244266900JEDDAH: The International Indian School Alumni Association (IISJAA) celebrated the IISJAA Family Reunion 2017 in style.An estimated 800 alumni attended the event with attending graduates dating to the 1980s. IISJ Management Committee Chairman Iqbal M. Kunnath and committee members Asif Daudi, Majid Saleem, Tahir Ali, Noorul Ameen, V. Balan and Joy Paul attended the event.The evening commenced with a welcome walk by the ExCom team, which was escorted by a group of 30 red-and-black dressed volunteers.Mohammed Zubair Siddiqui, an ExCom member, officially inaugurated the event. IISJAA President Suhail Mehdi welcomed the audience by expressing his gratitude for the extremely diverse attendance.Muzzamil Hashmi, IISJAA general secretary, and Aisha Aslam hosted the first half of the event and entertained the alumni with their humorous skits. Mohamed Waseem sang and played the guitar and Nada Muneer impressed the audience with her singing performance.Suhail Mehdi and seven ExCom members then showcased activities of the past eight months through a presentation during which they thanked the volunteers for participating in the largest food drive ever executed. He also briefed and applauded the success of IFPL, led by ExCom teammates Mohammed Ameenuzzaman and Atif Khan. Rayeesa Fatima, joint secretary, and Saba Noureen showcased the unique ladies event organized on the occasion of Independence Day, followed by Nabeel Sheikh, treasurer, who presented his upcoming mentorship program for present students of IISJ.The ExCom then presented their token of appreciation to Joy Paul for his services to the school and IISJAA.The previous ExCom was recognized and presented with a plaque by the present ExCom, headed by Suhail Mehdi, for their service to alumni community. Fareed Ali Khan raised the entertainment quotient with his soulful voice and captivating presence. This was followed by a comedy skit performed by Osman Bafana, Lateefuddin, Maryam Hyder and Sadiq Hussain. The skit was directed by Sami Khan, written by Amtul Farooqui, choreographed by Imran Kausar and conceptualized by Zubair Siddiqi. Vice President Syed Maqdoom Ali concluded the event with a vote of thanks. He said he appreciated the hard work and support by the school’s management, volunteers, alumni performers, the audience and sponsors of the event.Sabah Noureen kept her dedication with music throughout the event and ensured that not a beat was missed. The credit for the creative digital and print communications goes to Mazahar Saleh Siddiqui. IISJAA ExCom, with Mariya Quadri, Ayesha Saleem, Mohammed Al-Mohammedi and Imran Kausar were appreciated for organizing the entertaining reunion for the alumni.
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