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In-Residence program, an open platform for artists writers and scholars: President

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[India], March.15 (ANI): Asserting that In-Residence artists, writers and scholars were special because of their innovation, sensitivity and imaginative minds which had transcend the boundaries of time, place and surroundings, President Pranab Mukherjee addressed the In-Residence program at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Wednesday.Ten Innovative scholars, two writers and two artists who participated in the event appreciated numerous initiatives taken under his Presidency such as Smart Gram Initiative, Samagam, Sparsh, etc.The President said, “I am happy that the program could provide an opportunity to ignite the creativity of participants. The impact of their creations is everlasting.”Secretary to the President, Omita Paul said that he had a vision that innovation should become a movement in the country. She said that it was heartening to see, that his vision was being realized and would continue to gather momentum in the future too.”When these participants go back to their native places, they shall develop a new dimension in the way they look at their own country and the manner in which they would contribute towards its well-being and prosperity,” President Mukherjee added.The Innovation Scholars said that their innovative spirit and potential had been boosted since during the Festival of Innovations, direct linkages had been established with relevant stakeholders and new avenues had opened for them.The program had fostered fellowship as they got an opportunity to interact with fellow participants in the program coming from diverse backgrounds all across the country. (ANI)

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