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International Women’s Day: OIC Calls for Review of Women’s Conditions

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Date: 06/03/2017
On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, on the 8th of March, the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al Othaimeen, stressed that the day bears a particular interest for the OIC. It is an opportunity to emphasize the importance OIC accords to women’s role in society, to highlight their contribution towards building Islamic societies, and to review women’s conditions in light of the challenges they face to achieve their rights.

The Secretary General felicitated with OIC Member States who have put in great efforts towards the empowerment and promotion of women, the implementation of the OIC’s Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women (OPAAW) and the resolutions of the ministerial conferences on women that called on all Member States to take all necessary measures and steps to ensure women’s effective participation in all aspects of social development.

Al Othaimeen added that it is incumbent upon us, on this day, to underline the need to support the women who are the breadwinners of their families, who may be living in the grip of abject poverty and enduring appalling situations in the armed conflict zones or under the yoke of occupation, as well as women with special-needs. He also stressed the need to leverage on partnerships and cooperation for the achievement of greater progress in the area of empowering women, improving their conditions, achieving gender-equality and protecting them against the effects of armed conflicts.

The Secretary General used this opportunity to invite the Member States that are yet to ratify the Statute of the Organization for Women’s Development to do so as soon as possible, as a priority that would contribute to women’s empowerment and development.

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