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Iraqi Forces Retake Main Government Building in Western Mosul

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Baghdad, March 07 (QNA) – The Iraqi security forces have seized control of the main government complex in western Mosul as the offensive continues to oust the ISIS group, security sources said Tuesday.

The complex, housing several government buildings including the provincial council headquarters, is located in Dawasah neighborhood, where fighting has been ongoing for two days. The Iraqi forces launched a surprise attack overnight to storm the government buildings. 
The advance could pave the way for an attack on the heavily-populated old city, where the militants are still entrenched. The forces have also captured the museum, the central bank’s main branch, which was looted by the ISIS when they took over the city in 2014, and the nearby courthouse. 
The forces took control of Al-Hurriya bridge across the Tigris river. Al-Hurriya is the second bridge the troops have recaptured, out of five main bridges that link the left and right banks of the Tigris in the city. The Iraqi troops began their operation to dislodge the ISIS militias from western Mosul from the south-west and have moving north, closer to the old city center. 
Mosul is the last stronghold for IS in Iraq. The east of the city was recaptured in January. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi is currently visiting Mosul, according to state-run Iraqia News TV. (QNA)

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