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Khamenei: I will confront any interference in May election

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Author: ReutersThu, 2017-03-23ID: 1490209048273335300BEIRUT: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned on Tuesday he would confront anyone trying to interfere in Iran’s May presidential election, in which conservative hard-liners will seek to defeat moderate President Hassan Rouhani.Khamenei referred to major street unrest after the disputed 2009 presidential election as an overt attempt to manipulate the outcome, but said there had been other cases of attempted interference including in the 2013 vote won by Rouhani. “I will confront anyone who wants to tamper with the results of the people’s vote. In previous years and previous elections … it was the same. Some of it was in front of people’s eyes and they became aware of it. And some of it they were not aware of but I was informed about it,” he said in Iranian New Year remarks carried live on state television.“It was revealed in 2009 — they came out and drew battle lines. And in other years in other ways, but in all these years I stood against them and said whatever the results of the election are, they must be carried out.”
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