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Makkah governor pledges $20 million to protect endangered heritage sites

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Author: Mohammed Al-SulamiTue, 2017-03-21ID: 1490042598577009800JEDDAH: Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, the head of the Saudi delegation to donors to the International Fund for Protecting Endangered Cultural Heritage, announced that the Kingdom has donated $20 million to the fund.The fund was established to help preserve and protect endangered cultural heritage sites during wartime.Prince Khaled announced the donation during the meeting held Monday in France.In his speech, the prince said there are major challenges faced by many regions in the Middle East as Arab communities attempt to preserve their cultural and historical heritage targeted in a destructive campaign. He pointed to the work of the Emirate-French joint initiative and UNESCO in protecting global heritage sites. He also pointed to the need for nations to unite to preserve the heritage of nations that are undergoing conflicts.Prince Khaled also expressed his gratitude to the French president and state for hosting the conference.The fund, with a membership of more than 40 countries, will contribute to fund for emergency operations and fighting the illegal trade of historic artifacts that were damaged. France has supported the fund with $30 million while the UAE has donated $15 million.
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