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Ministry committee visits Ramallah next month to hire new teachers

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Kuwait Times
Contracted teachers can bring families to Kuwait
KUWAIT: The Palestinian Embassy to Kuwait stressed that a Ministry of Education (MoE) committee will visit Ramallah in the period of April 9-15 to hire Palestinian mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geology teachers. The embassy explained that the committee members will enter Palestinian territories from Jordan via the Al-Karama border crossing, where they will be assigned a liaison officer and a representative from the Palestinian ministry of education to facilitate their entry.
The embassy said that entry procedures would be done in direct collaboration with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ office and that the liaison officer would coordinate with the Israeli side to finish the entry procedures within 15 minutes without stamping the committee members’ passports with any Israeli stamps throughout their stay.
Moreover, the embassy underlined that the Palestinian teachers hold degrees from Palestinian universities accredited in Kuwait and that none of them hold any Israeli degree. The embassy also stressed that none of the teachers belongs to any political bloc and that the Palestinian authority had conducted full security investigations on them.
In addition, the embassy highlighted that the teachers hold passports issued by the Palestinian Authority and that Kuwait residency stamps would be pasted on those passports without having any Israeli stamp on them. Finally, commenting about the contract’s value, the embassy said MoE will make its offer and that it would be up to the teachers themselves to accept or reject it, but hoped that the contract conditions would help Palestinian teachers lead decent lives in Kuwait and support their loved ones back home. The embassy also noted that it had been agreed that contracted teachers would be able to bring their families to Kuwait. The Interior Ministry gave MoE permission last month to hire 400 hundreds teachers from Palestine after Kuwait finally recognized the Palestinian passport in October 2016.
By A Saleh
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