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Now, a video of Hyderabad traffic cop taking a bribe goes viral, he gets sacked

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A video of a traffic policeman in Hyderabad seemingly taking a bribe from a commuter has gone viral on social media.
The incident is said to have occurred at Himayatnagar last week, and was posted to Facebook by Sridhar Vemula, a Hyderabad resident.
Sridhar posted the video to the Hyderabad Traffic Police’s Facebook page on March 17.
In the video, the policeman is seen talking to the owner of a two-wheeler, before they seemingly strike a deal.
He then takes some money from the commuter and pockets it, even as a few other policemen are seen standing in the background.
The commuter then drives away.
After the video got close to 10,000 shares, the police responded on March 20.
The police commented on the post, saying, “He is being removed from Traffic Department and disciplinary action will be taken as per rule.”
This comes just a day after an incident of alleged high-handedness by the police went viral on social media.
An Uppal traffic inspector who was on VIP bandobust on March 15, was photographed assaulting a watermelon vendor on the street.
In one of the photos that surfaced, the police officer was seen throwing a watermelon at the vendor.
The police said that the vendor was not cooperating with the police. However, they also initiated action against the inspector for his behaviour.Read: Hyderabad policeman’s high-handedness goes viral, KTR tweets to DGP

Meanwhile, the Deccan Chronicle quoted a senior traffic police official as saying that the home guard had surrendered to the Home Guards headquarters and process of removal from service had been initiated.
Watch the video below.

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