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Pakistani women keen to take up bigger roles in social welfare

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Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-03-19ID: 1489863134179082400RIYADH: A woman is an important part of any society and her capabilities should not be underestimated, a major gathering of Pakistani community activists in Riyadh was told recently. “There were women among the wives and companions of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who serve as role models for us,” said Almas Mumtaz, a member of the ladies’ chapter of the Pakistan Writers Club (PWC) in Riyadh. The club recently observed the International Women’s day with great enthusiasm while calling for a gender-inclusive world. The programs shed light on the theme of the day — “Be Bold for Change.” The PWC ladies’ chapter is a group of creative women, who are well known for community services. Speaking at the event, Ambreen Faiz Ahmad said that women are the backbone of any society and their role cannot be ignored. Asma Tariq said: “The International Women’s Day reminds us that it is very important and an honor to be a woman.” She added: “It is a duty of every parent to teach their boys that they have come to this world because of a woman, and as such, they should always respect them.” “Parents should also instill in them the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who bestowed upon the women the honor and respect that they deserved,” Tariq said. Dr. Farah Nadia said that a woman has strong willpower and she derives strength from times of tribulation. In her remarks, Farah Ehsan said that it was not right to paint women as weak and oppressed. “We should know that Fatima Jinnah was a woman who fought with her brother and gifted us an independent country. Benazir Bhutto stood up against a brutal dictator and helped restore democracy in the country. Malala faced the challenges and won a coveted Nobel prize for peace,” Ehsan remarked. Madiha Malik said: “A woman has the capacity and capability to accomplish everything that men can achieve.” Another speaker, Madiha Noman, said that a woman is an important part of any society and her capability should not be underestimated. Qundeel Aymen said that the women of today have proved that they the masters and queens of any house.Shumaila Malik also highlighted the positive role of women in her speech.
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