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Palestinian President: Conflict with Israeli is Against Occupation Not Judaism

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Dortmund, Germany, March 26 (QNA) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas underlined that the conflict with Israel is not against Judaism but against the occupation that controls the people of Palestine and their land.

Addressing a ceremony to receive the prestigious Steiger’s Hope in Peace Award in the German city of Dortmund last night, President Abbas said that the Palestinians established a committee to communicate with all the components of the Israeli people in order to consolidate tolerance and coexistence, on the basis of the principles of the Two States on the 1967 borders, so that the State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, can live peacefully alongside the State of Israel.

Abbas further stressed that he worked to establish and promote a culture of peace and dialogue, denounce violence and work through political, diplomatic and peaceful means to end the Israeli occupation and fulfill the aspirations of the Palestinian people in freedom and independence.

He highlighted that Palestine stands against terrorism, violence and extremism in the Middle East and the world, regardless of its source and forms, and works with many countries of the world, including the German government, to eradicate it everywhere.

The Steiger Award was established in 2005 and is presented annually to individuals who are notable for accomplishments at several levels. It honors personalities characterized by openness, tolerance, humanity and courage. (QNA)

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