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Qatar Confirms Combating Terrorism Requires Preventive Measures

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Geneva, March 06 (QNA) – The State of Qatar confirmed that facing terrorism needs to follow a comprehensive and integrated approach based on security, political, economic and social vision and to take preventive measures to limit the conditions conducive to spread this phenomenon.

Qatar also affirmed the need to differentiate between terrorism and legitimate resistance which is the right for the occupied and oppressed peoples, stressing not to associate terrorism with any religion or culture.

During the interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of counter- terrorism and on the agenda of the current 34th session of the Human Rights Council held in Geneva from 27th February to 24th March 2017, HE Qatar’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri said that they agree that the phenomenon of terrorism is the greatest threat to international peace and to the security and efforts to protect and promote human rights, as stated in the report.

He added that the phenomenon of terrorism is a real threat to the stability of societies and reaching the goals of the Sustainable Development Plan for 2030. He also noted to the report which indicated that following up the approach that is based on security in the fight against terrorism purely was not enough, and sometimes led to counterproductive results. 
He explained that accountability and no impunity are essential in the fight against terrorism, praising the Special Rapporteur’ welcome of the UN General Assembly’s adoption of Resolution 71/248, that was proposed by Qatar and Lichtenstein, to assist with accountability for the perpetrators of the crimes in Syria since March 2011, especially after the Security Council failed to shoulder its responsibility to protect the Syrian people.

HE the Ambassador also hopped that this mechanism will have the necessary support to enable it to implement its mandate as soon as possible and in the best way.

HE Ambassador Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri renewed Qatar’s confirmation on its firm stance in condemning terrorism in all its forms and whatever its source and motivation, as well as its keenness to continue to contribute to all international efforts to counter the phenomenon of terrorism and eliminate it through its involvement and support of many international mechanisms concerned with combating this phenomenon. (QNA)

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