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Quality of Life: 5 out of 11 best Indian cities are in the South, Mangaluru on top

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The study was released by an online user-generated database.
Nithin Bolar k/Wikimedia Commons

According to a study released by an online user-generated database on Quality of Life Index, 11 Indian cities have made it to the list of the top 177 cities in the world. And five out of the 11 are from the South.

However, it is not Bengaluru, Chennai or any of the other state capitals which have the distinction of being the best Indian city. That honour goes to Mangaluru which has also emerged as Asia’s second best city.

According to the study, Australia’s capital Canberra is the best city in the word with the highest quality of life followed by Raleigh located in the United States. New Zealand’s capital Wellington is the third best in the list.

Among the 177 cities listed in the Numbeo survey, Mangaluru occupies the 48th place worldwide and the next Indian city on the list is Pune which is the 102nd position.

The three Indian cities following the top two on the list are Hyderabad (116), Coimbatore (131) and Bengaluru (132) and Chennai occupies the 160th position (eighth among Indian cities).

The sixth and seventh positions among Indian cities went to Ahmedabad (138) and Gurgaon (141) followed by the national capital Delhi (161).

Mumbai (172) is the worst among the Indian cities in the Quality of Life Index rankings with Kolkata (170) occupying the second last position.

According to Numbeo, Quality of Life Index (higher is better) is an estimation of the overall quality of life calculated by using empirical formula which takes into account purchasing power index (higher is better), pollution index (lower is better), house price to income ratio (lower is better), cost of living index (lower is better), safety index (higher is better), health care index (higher is better), traffic commute time index (lower is better) and climate index (higher is better).

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