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Riyadh to participate in discussions on green building applications

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Author: RODOLFO C. ESTIMO JR.Sun, 2017-03-26ID: 1490475378894071000RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will join 41 other countries in a global council round table meeting on April 6 to discuss the priorities on green building applications. The Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF) will represent the Kingdom in the round table discussion of LEED — Leadership in Energy and Environment Design —International Roundtable countries. The council meets quarterly. The SGBF, a Riyadh-based non-government organization, reported that in 2016, there were 1,200 green projects in Saudi Arabia with 360 professionals.Faysal Al-Fadl, SGBF secretary general, said in a statement, “We want to accelerate the progress of Saudi Arabia in the regional priority and implement the LEED classification systems internationally in the framework of joint cooperation with the US Green Building Council (USGBC).”The forum will serve as a bridge to build professional relationships and benefit from the professional community connections to green buildings. He noted that the forum continues to document and implement green building projects and sustainability.This preserves the environmental and health resources of the family, to care for all its members, and provide suitable conditions for sustainable development to further realize the vision of the recent cultural, social and economic forum to improve the quality of life in a society.He added that the forum will aim to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, volatile organic compounds and toxic gases as well as respond to global climate change and promote clean renewable energy.It will also respond to the requirements of human health inside and outside of buildings and benefit from lighting, natural ventilation and internal air quality management.It will also promote water conservation and purification, conservation and recycling for special uses with a view to protecting the environment, promoting biodiversity and servicing the ecosystem.The forum also supports creativity, innovation, and reuse of building materials and friendly construction in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance recycling of construction waste for the safety of the people and the environment. Saudi Arabia and the 41 other countries serve as advisory group to advancing the application of the LEED International by US Green Building Council.
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