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Ruckus in Andhra Assembly as YSRCP stalls proceedings over alleged paper leak

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YSRCP legislators crowded the well and continued shouting slogans till the Assembly was adjourned.
The Andhra Pradesh Assembly witnessed yet another day of drama after the YSRCP stalled proceedings on Tuesday morning.
The opposition party in Andhra was protesting the alleged leak of a Class 10 SSC question paper.
After serving an adjournment motion on the issue, YSRCP members also held placards and crowded the well, seeking a debate.
However, the Speaker did not listen to their request, and asked them to bring up the issue later after question hour.
The YSRCP legislators alleged that the paper had leaked from a branch of the Narayana School, which is owned by State Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Planning, P Narayana.
Addressing media persons, YSRCP leader Anil Kumar said that the state government must answer their questions on how the paper got leaked.
He also quoted a report from the Directorate of Government Examinations, as saying, “The question paper was sent through Whatsapp from the center number 4238 – Narayana High School”.
“They suspended the Superintendent and invigilator, but it’s all superficial steps that they took. When we raised it in the Assembly, they claim that the issue is not in the interest of the people,” he added.
YSRCP MLA Roja said, “When we are asking a question that concerns the future of several lakh students, they are not giving us answers…Whenever you see advertisements of Narayana schools and colleges claiming that their students bagged first rank in an exam, also remember that they are also number one in student suicides, and now in paper leaks also.”
She also alleged that the school was indulging in ‘mass copying’ by providing students with question papers ahead of the exam.
Meanwhile, the TDP criticised the YSRCP of ‘wasting taxpayers money’ by continuously stalling the Assembly proceedings every day.
Several TDP leaders spoke even as the YSRCP raised slogans in the well of the House, until the Speaker adjourned the proceedings.
Addressing media persons, P Narayana hit back at the allegations, saying, “We have CCTV cameras in exam halls. Everyone can see what is happening in the veranda and the classroom. How can they make such baseless statements?”
“In fact, there will be no Narayana students in the building itself. They will all go to some other school, and some other school’s students will come there. What these (YSRCP) people are saying are blatant lies. They’re wasting the Assembly’s time. There was no leak. We are ready for any enquiry from any Collector,” he added.
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