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Santos, Patayan rule OFBC Monthly Tournament

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Author: ARAB NEWSThu, 2017-03-30 15:34ID: 1490796262526893100JEDDAH: Epoy Santos and Sharmaine Patayan emerged champions in the men’s and ladies division respectively as they led the winners for the month of February in the OFBC Monthly Tournament at the Iceland Bowling Center here.Class C bowler Santos enjoyed a strong finish to seal the victory, carding a five-game series with handicap of 955 on lines of 172, 188, 138, 146 and 221.Patayan compensated for two bad games with solid 190 and 202 in her last two games to win the ladies title despite the seeming disadvantage of a low handicap of 14 per game as Class A player.The youthful Patayan finished with a five-game series of 912 (171, 139, 140, 190 and 202) to edge out Class B bowler with 24 handicap Babes Yushimine, who settled for first runner-up on 904 (180, 173, 149, 126 and 156).Vivian Sacramed, another Class B player, wound up second runner-up after shooting 882 on games of 138, 192, 132, 136 and 164.Malou Nidoy followed her January triumph with a third runner-up finish on 843 from rounds of 125, 145, 172, 135 and 146.Sergio Modar, a January winner like Nidoy, missed potential back-to-back victories when he finished first runner-up on 931 (153, 137, 186, 134 and 201)Third runner-up in the last monthly event, Rico Bulalayao improved a notch to second runner-up with a five-game series of 911 (159, 198, 161, 148 and 155).Toto Lim rounded out the men’s top four winners on 875 (193, 136, 163, 138 and 155).Except for Modar all the men’s winners are Class C with handicap of 18 players. Modar is Class D with 24 handicap.The winners received cash prizes during the awards ceremony in the OFBC’s second monthly event. Under the tournament format, bowlers play five-game series with handicap sudden death with the top four in each division to receive cash prizes. In case of ties, the high and low rule will be applied to break the deadlock.The Bowler of the Year finals have been expanded to include not only the monthly winners but those from the wildcard phase and the seeded qualifiers as well.
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