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Saudi Specialized Clinics treat 2,704 Syrians in Zaatari in one week

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Author: ARAB NEWSSat, 2017-03-25ID: 1490393386075385800AMMAN: Saudi Specialized Clinics which are affiliated with the National Saudi Campaign in Zaatari refugee camp, offered therapeutical and medical services to 2,704 Syrian patients in the past week.The pediatric clinic treated 626 children suffering from seasonal diseases; the cardiology clinic 47 patients and the female clinic 209 women.In the dental clinic 274 Syrians were treated and the surgery clinic dealt with 107 patients. The orthopedic clinic treated 197 patients and dermatology dealt with 249 patients. The ear, nose and throat Clinic dealt with 181 cases, and the immunization clinic gave 107 children the necessary vaccines, according to the National Saudi Campaign.The lab conducted 186 analyzes and all these cases were dealt during this week.Dr. Hamid Al-Mafalaani, the medical director of the Saudi Specialized Clinics, said the clinics work through 13 specialized medical clinics offering comprehensive medical services on a regular basis; the clinics have specialized medical staff who possess high qualifications for working in Zaatari. He added the clinics have a good reputation and are respected by working organizations and by Syrian refugees as well.Dr. Badr bin Abdul Rahman Al-Samhan, regional director for the campaign, said the National Saudi Campaign, represented by the Saudi Specialized Clinics inside Zaatari refugee camp, aims to achieve “whatever is possible to contribute to the safety and health of our Syrian brothers, through the noble goals of the campaign.”The campaign aims to achieve the highest level of humanitarian care including all medical, educational, food, shelter, social and seasonal necessities, he added.
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