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Saudi Tourism festivals line up to delight students during mid-year break

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Author: RASHID HASSANThu, 2017-03-30 03:00ID: 1490828619689782900
RIYADH: The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) and the Tourism Development Councils (TDCs) have lined up festivals geared toward students and parents during the mid-year school break.
The festivals begin this weekend.
“The mid-year vacation will witness 41 tourism festivals in various regions of the Kingdom,” SCTH said in a statement on Wednesday.
The commission concluded preparations for these festivals, which are characterized for various segments of society.
The festivals will include heritage, tourism, sports and cultural activities. They will also feature promotional events for agricultural products, handicrafts, and recreational tourism to help further promote domestic tourism.
Abdullah bin Abdulmalek Al-Morshed, acting vice president of marketing and programs at the SCTH, said that the festivals are expected to generate good economic returns to the regions.
“In recent years such festivals have witnessed significant growth through cooperation and constructive partnerships with government and private sectors, as well as by strengthening communication with the private sector institutions and companies operating in the field of tourism,” he said.
He noted that the SCTH is always seeking to raise the levels of the activities and festivals sector in the Kingdom in parallel with the complementary services.
To prepare the complementary services in the regions, the private sector would provide integrated tourism products that would satisfy tourists and result in economic benefits to the regions, he added.
Sumaiyya Sharif, a student, said she is delighted that Thursday is the last working day before the mid-year vacation. “We have holidays to spend, to have fun, going to recreational centers in the capital and spending a good time with family,” she said.
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