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Three Sentenced to Death in Bahrain for Role in Terror Attack

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Manama, March 23 (QNA) – Bahrain’s High Criminal Court sentenced three people to death for their role in the terror bombings in Al-Qurrayah area and issued jail sentences to 14 others in the same case, Bahrain News Agency BNA reported.Four convicts received a life in jail, eight were given 15 years in jail, two were handed a 10-year jail sentence, and the court also ordered the confiscation of all materials seized from their possession. 
“The defendants had formed and joined a dangerous terror cell which manufactured explosive devices, homemade firearms and used them against policemen in acts of terrorism in the Northern Governorate and used these weapons to inflict heaviest casualties among the public security forces and material damage to cause panic and spread chaos among citizens and residents,” BNA reported.

The third suspect commanded the terror cell and received support from the first and the second suspects who both reside outside Bahrain. (QNA)

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