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Trump meets Egypt’s president to talk Daesh, foreign aid

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Author: VIVIAN SALAMA | APMon, 2017-04-03 03:00ID: 1491238266541983600
WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump welcomed his Egyptian counterpart, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, to the White House Monday for talks ranging from ways to collaborate in the fight against Daesh to efforts to bolster Egypt’s flailing economy.
In an Oval Office meeting, Trump said that El-Sisi has done a “fantastic job” and declared his support for Egypt and the Egyptian people. Trump noted that the US plans to build its military to “possibly” its highest levels as it looks to fight the Daesh group and lend support to its allies.
The two leaders are also expected to discuss military and economic aid for the country.
El-Sisi noted that he’s had a deep appreciation for Trump’s “unique personality” and vowed to work with the US to eradicate the “evil ideology” that is “terrorizing communities.”
Trump has repeatedly mentioned Egypt as a critical Muslim-majority ally in the fight against extremists like the Daesh group.
The White House welcome comes after a tense relationship between Egypt’s leader and the previous administration.
Former President Barack Obama never invited el-Sisi to the White House and allowed his administration to repeatedly admonish his government over its human rights record. Obama also briefly suspended some US military aid.
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