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Turkish Forces Find Pilot of Crashed Syrian Fighter Jet

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Ankara, March 05 (QNA) – The Turkish forces found early Sunday the pilot of the Syrian fighter jet which crashed in the southernmost Turkish province of Hatay late on Saturday.

The pilot was found after a nine-hour search. The Syrian national was exhausted and quickly rushed to Hatay State Hospital, Turkey’s anadolu Agency quoted security sources as saying.

Hatay Governor Erdal Ata said earlier he had received reports of a plane crash near the village of Yaylacik in central Antakya, 35 kilometers from the Syrian border. “We think the plane belongs to Syria,” Ata said, confirming no Turkish Armed Forces nor civil aviation flight was scheduled in the area. 
A search and rescue team combing the area found the wreckage but the jets cockpit was empty, Ata said. The governor noted that the situation was not a matter of border violation, and that the jet had not been engaged on the Turkish side. 
The Syrian opposition told Anadolu Agency that they shot down a plane belonging to the regime in Idlib province. (QNA)

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