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Unable to pay for wheelchair, man uses child's tricycle in Telangana's hospital

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[India], Mar.17 (ANI): 33-year-old Raju was forced to use his child’s tricycle at a government hospital in Telangana after being unable to pay an alleged bribe of Rs 6000 for a wheelchair.It is alleged that the hospital authorities denied providing a wheelchair to Raju, who had suffered a head injury in an accident and was waiting for a surgery, after he couldn’t pay a bribe of Rs 6000.Raju’s wife told ANI, “We had paid Rs 100 for five to six times for the wheelchair. But after we lost the wheelchair and couldn’t pay for a new one, the authorities asked for Rs 6000 for the lost wheelchair.””The authorities asked us to keep the phone as security when we couldn’t pay up for the wheelchair,” Raju’s wife added.Congress General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh in this context, took a jibe at Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and said that the latter who can spend crores on his house with bullet-proof bathroom, cannot even afford a wheelchair in the state’s government hospital. (ANI)

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