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UP: Mowgli girl found in Bahraich forest showing signs of improvement

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[India], Apr. 11 (ANI): The eleven-year-old ‘Mowgli’ girl is showing signs of improvement since the time she was brought to Nirvan Rehabilitation Centre here.

With activities similar to that of animals, the girl has now started showing signs of improvement by adopting basic human activities.

An IQ test of the girl will be conducted soon.

“We will conduct an IQ test of hers soon. I am confident she would start living like humans gradually,” S.S. Dhopal, an official at the Nirwan Rehabilitation Centre told ANI.

The official also said that they keep the girl among the children of her age group so that she learns by observing them.

“We try to keep her among the children of her age group so that she learns from them. As it is believed that she lived with monkeys, so we keep her among children of her age so that she learns to do things by copying them,” he said.

A teacher at the rehabilitation centre said the girl used to throw the food plate on the floor and then eat the remnants lying on the floor but she has now started eating her food from plate only.

Similarly, she has also started drinking water from glass, which she initially used to throw. away.

“There has been tremendous improvement. Initially, she used to throw plates and eat the food thrown on the floor. But, now she does not throw water,” Saroj, a teacher at the rehabilitation centre told ANI.

The teacher also told that the girl is scared of the crowd and likes to live alone. Also, she speaks in her own language which the people here are unable to understand.

Before this, the girl was admitted in city hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district, after she was found in Katarniaghat forest two months back.

The girl was found amongst animals of the forest and was unfamiliar with human language.

Later, the police admitted the girl to a city hospital for treatment.

Medical specialist while describing the girl said that she ate and walked like animals, ran away on seeing humans, adding that she might have lived with animals for quite sometime.

“The girl had marks on her skin, looked like she has lived with animals for quite some time,” the CMO said. (ANI)

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