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Volunteer dentists donate skills to put smiles on 10,000 patients in Jeddah

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Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-03-26ID: 1490476529114213200
JEDDAH: Every year, the last week in March is observed by GCC countries as “Oral Health Week” as part of a plan to promote preventive measures to reduce the incidence of oral and dental disease.
Adopted in 2008 by GCC health ministers at their 65th conference held in Geneva, GCC Oral Health Unified Week is dedicated to raising awareness of dental diseases across all sectors of society in GCC countries on chronic diseases, and to reduce dental-related diseases.
As part of their social responsibility, more than 40 dentists in Jeddah Province each year voluntarily treat 10,000 patients, offering a variety of free services, according to a report published Saturday. 
Dr. Rinad Al-Ghamedi, from the Ibn Sina College in Jeddah, said: “The female students in the fourth to sixth levels in the college, in addition to those specializing, offer their services free to patients who are in need. These services include cleaning, fillings, fixed and mobile dental fixtures.” She added they do this under the supervision of consultants and specialists. 
Dr. Al-Ghamedi outlines the procedure. “At first, these patients are given an initial check-up of their teeth. A file is created for them and they are then given a fixed appointment. All appointments for their dental treatments are distributed among the participating dentists in the program,” she said. She added that the type of treatment is decided by the doctor after diagnosis.
“This segment of patients can not afford the cost of dental treatment, and hence, came the participation of our doctors as part of our responsibility toward the community.”
She said the free treatment program has proved successful especially among low-income patients, adding that dental implants have even been provided for patients suffering from loss of teeth, especially in the front section, to enhance appearance, and put smiles back on their faces.
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