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Aspirations of people are not fulfilled: Bandi Sanjay

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Aspirations of people are not fulfilled: Bandi Sanjay

Hyderabad, June 2 (NSS): BJP National General Secretary and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar today released a statement. He said that Even after 10 years, the aspirations of the movement of “water, funds and appointments” would  not be fulfilled.  He said that Congress party was following in the footsteps of BRS party . He alleged that Telangana had  been turned into an ATM for the Congress bigwigs by ruling with corruption. He said that Election promises, including 6 guarantees, had  been trampled upon.

“No matter what section of people are shaken, there is hopelessness and anger among people.  The BJP is ready for another battle to implement the aspirations of the movement. I urge the people of Telangana to bless and stand by me. Greetings to all the people of Telangana on the occasion of the formation of the state. My congratulations to all the poets, artists, students, teachers, employees, intellectuals, journalists, lawyers, workers, farmers, women and leaders of political parties who fought together and achieved the creation of Telangana state, which the people fought together with the sacrifices of the martyrs. I specially congratulate everyone who participated in the Telangana movement, especially the BJP workers, without resorting to lathi-charges, cases, arrests and jails. The BJP’s role in achieving Telangana state, both inside and outside Parliament, played a crucial role.  If the BJP national leadership under the then president Rajnath Singh passes a resolution supporting the formation of Telangana state. Some MPs sprayed pepper spray to block the Telangana Bill in Parliament. Today we cannot help but remember the great leader Sushma Swaraj, who endured them and passed the bill,” he said.

He also said that  Even after 10 years of the formation of Telangana, the Telangana movement’s aspirations of water, funds and appointments had  not been implemented. “In the past, if the water meant for Telangana was looted by the foreign rulers to the neighbouring state. After the formation of Swarajya, the rulers of Telangana mortgaged water to the neighbouring state for selfish purposes. The rich state was completely pushed into a debt trap. In the name of paper leaks and cancellation of exams, they did not take up job appointments and played with the lives of unemployed people. Democracy has been destroyed. The state has been devastated by corruption, dictatorship and family rule. If we are to be happy that the BRS rulers have been overthrown and the ten-year rule has been broken. The Congress government, which came to power, is also following the brs route.  During the six months of Congress rule, it trampled on election promises, including six guarantees.  Thousands of crores of corruption is being committed. The task was to collect commissions in everything that appeared, including Kaleshwaram, phone tapping and vadla tenders. The Congress is mortgaging the interests of the state by turning Telangana into an ATM for the big wigs. The aspirations and aspirations with which the people agitated for a separate Telangana state have not been fulfilled even today. For 10 years, the soul of the martyrs has been suffering. The unrest and anger that the aspirations of the movement have not been realized continue to haunt the activists,” he said. (NSS)

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