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Congress magnifying minor flaws in Kaleshwaram to play politics: Pocharam

Congress magnifying minor flaws in Kaleshwaram to play politics: Pocharam

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Congress magnifying minor flaws in Kaleshwaram to play politics: Pocharam

Hyderabad, March 1 (INN): Banswada MLA Pocharam Srinivas Reddy praised the Kaleswaram project, calling it the most prestigious project in the country. He attributed its creation to former Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. The project aims to irrigate vast acres of land and eliminate drought in the state.

During the BRS Chalo Medigadda event at Telangana Bhawan, Hyderabad, Pocharam, alongside BRS Working President KTR, commended the global appreciation for the Kaleshwaram project. He criticised the Congress for allegedly failing to appreciate the project’s greatness, accusing them of magnifying minor flaws to play politics.

Pocharam acknowledged the technical challenges of such a massive project but criticised Congress for politicising issues like sagging pillars. He accused them of spreading false propaganda about incidents near Medigadda and demanded prompt restoration work, regardless of political motivations, to prevent crop damage due to the Congress government’s negligence.

Highlighting the scale of the Kaleswaram project with 196 schemes, Pocharam criticised Congress for focusing on a few sagging pillars out of 86, comparing it to their silence on incomplete projects like Kalwakurthy and the cancellation of the Kadam project. He urged against using farmers for political gains and demanded that Congress prioritise farmers’ interests.

Pocharam insisted that water should be filled in Sundilla, Annaram, Ellampalli, Konda Pochamma, and Mallanna Sagar by the next rainy season, emphasising that any hindrance to farmers’ interests would be detrimental to the Congress. He pointed out the completion of the Kaleshwaram project within three years, contrasting it with the delayed projects of the past 40 years.

Criticising the Congress government for not implementing Rythu Bandhu, Pocharam highlighted the timely provision of Rythu Bandhu funds by the previous BRS government to support farmers.

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