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Delhi Man Arrested in Hyderabad for Morphing Photos, Extorting Girls

The accused would befriend girls, mostly teenagers, through the social media platform Instagram and pretend to fall in love with them by slowly gaining their trust.

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Hyderabad : In a disturbing revelation of online exploitation, Hyderabad’s cybercrime team has apprehended a 29-year-old man from Delhi for allegedly extorting money from girls by blackmailing them with manipulated photographs. The arrest underscores the alarming prevalence of cyber-enabled crimes and the vulnerability of individuals, particularly young women, to digital manipulation and coercion.

According to officials familiar with the case, the accused employed a calculated strategy to exploit his victims. Operating primarily on the popular social media platform Instagram, he would initiate contact with girls, predominantly teenagers, and gradually build a rapport with them under the guise of romantic interest. Gaining their trust over time, he would convince the victims to share their personal photographs.

However, instead of reciprocating genuine affection, the perpetrator would misuse these images by morphing them with explicit content. Armed with these manipulated photographs, he would then resort to coercion and blackmail, threatening to disseminate the images on social media unless the victims complied with his demands, which often included recharging his mobile phone and other favors.

Authorities revealed that the accused, characterized as a habitual womanizer, had developed a pattern of creating fake social media profiles to ensnare unsuspecting women and girls. Using these fabricated identities, he would cast a wide net, reaching out to random individuals with friend requests, with the ultimate aim of manipulating them into relationships built on deceit.

One victim from Hyderabad, disturbed by the relentless harassment and extortion, lodged a formal complaint with the cybercrime team, prompting swift action from law enforcement. Subsequently, the accused was apprehended in Delhi, where two mobile phones, likely containing crucial evidence, were seized from him.

In light of this egregious case, authorities have issued a stern warning to the public, urging caution when interacting on social media platforms. They emphasize the importance of exercising discretion in accepting friend requests from unknown individuals and refraining from sharing personal information or photographs with strangers online.

The arrest of the Delhi man in Hyderabad serves as a stark reminder of the lurking dangers of cyberspace and the imperative for heightened vigilance against digital exploitation. As law enforcement agencies intensify efforts to combat cyber-enabled crimes, it is incumbent upon individuals to remain vigilant and safeguard themselves against potential threats in the virtual realm.

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