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Elizabeth Debicki says to crack Diana’s voice in ‘The Crown’ was the hardest part for her

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Elizabeth Debicki says to crack Diana’s voice in ‘The Crown’ was the hardest part for her

Los Angeles, June 8 (IANS) Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki, who portrayed Princess Diana in the hit streaming show ‘The Crown’, has revealed that the voice of her character was a tough nut to crack for her as an actress.

Debicki discussed her experience with fellow actress Emma Corrin, who played Diana in the show’s fourth season, during a free-wheeling conversation mediated by ‘Variety’.

“Of all the things that really gave me anxiety, it was the voice,” Debicki said, according to ‘Variety.’

When Emma asked, “More than the mannerisms?” Debicki responded, “Much, much more. What you, as the actor playing that character, owe the audience is a very specific sonic imprint. I felt a huge responsibility to get as close to it as I could.”

She further mentioned, “I’ve lived in London a long time, so my Australian accent is kind of transmorphed anyway. But of all the accents I’ve ever had to learn, this was the toughest.”

As per ‘Variety,’ Debicki said that for her part in the Netflix series, it felt like learning music.

“That music and that rhythm were so far from how I sense myself as a person. So I worked extremely hard. People ask, ‘Was there a little hook? Was there any footage you watched?’”

Debicki also said that she treated the post-engagement interviews of Diana like “stunts”.

“I carved the physical path out so I knew what my body had to do. And then I would let myself respond. For me, it’s very physical. You don’t have to act very much,” she added.


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