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Female Iraqi MP calls on government to encourage polygamy

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Author: Arab NewsTue, 2017-03-14ID: 1489478355244308300
DUBAI: A female Iraqi MP is calling on the government to encourage polygamy by providing men with financial benefits if they choose to marry more than one wife.
Jamila Al Ebeidi is set to collect signatures in support of her planned bill which she says is designed to “protect the dignity” of widows, divorced women and older women, Al Sumaria news website reported Sunday.
The government could provide financial incentives to encourage men to have more than one wife, Al Ebeidi told media at Baghdad’s parliament building Sunday.
“While we express thanks to men who voluntarily celebrate International Women’s Day… We should remind [women] MPs… [not embracing polygamy] despite increasing spinsterhood and divorced women, who now exceed four million, is selfishness,” she added.
“We must renounce the one-woman mentality at the expense of our sisters,” she said.
Polygamy for men in the country is legal according to a 1959 law but it requires a judge’s permission and states that there should be legitimate reasons for the extra marriage, such as if the first wife is unable to bear children.
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