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Turks stab oranges, drink juice in anti-Dutch protest

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Author: Arab NewsTue, 2017-03-14ID: 1489466583694030700
DUBAI: Turkey and the Netherlands are going through a period of strained diplomatic relations after two Turkish ministers were barred entry to the northern European country where they planned to attend a political rally.
There has been a diplomatic slinging match, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan labeling the Netherlands a “Banana republic.”
Turkish demonstrators have remained in the fruity vein and were pictured stabbing oranges in protest of the Dutch government on Sunday.
Olm tamam Protesto edin de, Portakal’ın Hollanda ile ne alakası var birader..
— Derbil Dolgun (@Derbilizm) March 13, 2017
The protesters gathered in the city of Izmit where they stabbed and squeezed oranges and then drank the juice for press cameras.
Turkish protestors in Izmit squeeze oranges to protest the Netherlands’ banning of minister’s rally on Saturday – Kom News #Turkey
— Kom News (@KomNewsCom) March 12, 2017
The color orange has long been associated with the Dutch, dating back to William of Orange who was the first king.
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