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2016 DC Design Avanti

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Known for building the Aston Martin AMV8 Vantage concept and various custom vehicles, including a coupe version of the Porsche Cayenne, Indian design firm DC Design set out to develop its first production vehicle in the early 2010s. The result was christened Avanti, in a nod to Studebaker’s 1960s luxury coupe, and arrived in 2012 as a concept with supercar intentions. It took DC another two years to showcase a production version, which made it clear that the Avanti will be more of the sports car with just a four-cylinder engine under the hood. But things didn’t go as planned, and production of the Avanti was delayed for 2015 after DC had trouble convincing Renault Sport to supply its turbocharged four-banger for the car.

With the 2015 calendar year well underway and a new test vehicle unleashed on the streets of India, the DC Avanti moves closer to production, which is reportedly set to commence as early as March 2015. Meanwhile, let’s have a closer look at India’s first ever sports car based on the details we already know, with a little speculation in between.

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