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Imprisonment for bad check issuance reiterated

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Author: Arab News  Tue, 2017-04-04 03:00ID: 1491258019003915000
JEDDAH: A new amendment to the law regulating commercial papers allows for imposing harsh punishments to individuals issuing bad checks.
The revised Article 2 of the Fourth Section stipulates: “The competent authority responsible for commercial papers disputes shall work on maximizing sanctions on perpetrators of check crimes, particularly the sanction of imprisonment and public naming in daily newspapers issued in the perpetrators’ area, and if there is no newspaper in the area, then the perpetrator shall be named in a newspaper in the nearest area, at the expense of the perpetrator,” reported Al-Eqtisadiah on Monday.
The Cabinet in 2010 authorized the minister of interior to deem issuing bad checks a crime that entails incarceration. It also allows police detectives to investigate reports and complaints of bounced checks and apply Penal Act procedures. The Cabinet decision also obliges the Board of Investigation and General Prosecution to serve as the entity investigating bad check crimes. It also obliges the investigating agency to issue a decision in a given case in no more than 30 days.
However, the decision authorizes the investigating agency not to impose imprisonment, or to halt it, in case the writer of the bad check paid its value, or in case reconciliation takes place.
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