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Saudi sentenced 8 years in prison for charging Arab rulers with infidelity

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Author: MOHAMMED Al-SULAMITue, 2017-04-04 03:00ID: 1491258019133915900
JEDDAH: The Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh issued a preliminary ruling to sentence a Saudi man to eight years in prison after he was found guilty of charging some Arab rulers with infidelity.
He was also convicted of being influenced by militant thought due to his follow-up to the situation in the areas of conflict and his knowledge of some people who went to these areas, and refraining from reporting them to authorities. He also was found guilty of sheltering and transferring one wanted militant.
He also faces charges of attempting to mislead security authorities and storing what would harm the public order of a video on how to use a grenade and a Glock handgun, and for giving SR10,000 to an unauthorized person for the purpose of handing it over to Syrian refugees.
The court ruled to sentence him to eight years in prison starting from the date of his arrest for this case, including a period of three years, and a period of six months under Article XVI of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, in addition to a one-year period under Article VI of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law.
The court also ruled to confiscate the mobile device seized in his possessions on the basis of Article XIII, confiscated a vehicle used in transporting the wanted person and prevent him from traveling outside the Kingdom.
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