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Israel advises citizens in Maldives to leave following entry ban

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Israel advises citizens in Maldives to leave following entry ban

Jerusalem, June 3 (IANS) The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Israeli citizens currently staying in the Maldives to consider leaving the country, following the Maldivian government’s announcement of a decision to amend its laws to ban Israeli nationals from entering on Sunday.

“If Israelis who are currently in the Maldives encounter trouble, it will be difficult for us to assist them,” the Ministry said as quoted by Xinhua news agency report.

It also recommended that Israeli citizens refrain from travelling to the Muslim-majority island nation, even if they hold a second passport from another country.

The entry ban on Israelis was adopted during a Maldivian cabinet meeting earlier on Sunday in response to calls from local citizens, citing the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Maldivian media said the Maldives receives more than one million tourists annually, with an estimated 15,000 tourists coming from Israel.


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